Tower Defense #4 – Levels, Experience, and Tower Selection

Whew! It’s been pretty crazy working on this tower defense so far. It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve gotten a post up here. Work has been stupid busy, along with real life and looking for an actual development job. So, here’s the progress update!

  • Towers can now be selected with the mouse. A window will pop up on the left side and show its stats.
  • Towers can change targeting priority through the tower selection window.

Things that I am working on

  • Enemy health scaling.
  • Enemy experience value.
  • Tower leveling scale.
  • Increasable tower stats.

More to come!


Enemy Pathfinding and Deeper Game Mechanics

So, there have been a few things to change since the last iteration.

Enemy Pathfinding

I am using Astar pathfinding (a plugin) to move the Drifters. I’m using a Point graph where I set waypoints using an empty Game Object with cubes. I had to set the distance between getting the next waypoint at 0.1 because the Drifters were cutting corners. The Drifters will look for the waypoint tagged “End Zone”. This modular design will allow me to create any number of levels with predetermined paths.

Cash, Lives, Waves, and Tower Cost

Currently, the player starts out with $100. This value is kind of arbitrary because there is no cost structure to the towers. Right now, Missile towers are $30, Laser are $10, and Flamethrower are $20. The player collects money by destroying enemies. Each enemy is worth $2, so it is really easy to get lots of towers quickly.

The player starts out with a standard 10 lives. There are 5 waves in this current iteration. Not much to talk about with these points.

Other than that, I think that’s all I’ve done  during the week! I’m definitely getting closer to wanting art assets and possibly (gasp) an artist.

Tower Defense #2

I just polished the missile and the laser turret a bit tonight. I ran into a TON of issues with math and how Unity calculates things. Kids, learn your Linear Algebra and your Physics.

Eventually, I figured out the latent rotation of the missiles was caused by a rigidbody z-axis collision (WHAT).

Also, I made a base class TowerProjectile so I could focus on how the Laser moved separate from the Missile.

The green things are missiles with particle trails.

The green things are missiles with particle trails.

I’ll explain how the Laser projectile will lead the enemy after the break.

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Tower Defense #1

So, in order to fill out my portfolio, I’m working on making small game prototypes like a side-scrolling space shooter and this tower defense. I got the idea from “#1GAM: How to Succeed at Making One Game a Month”. I’ve been accelerating the process by only having a small brainstorming session to fill out the core motive of a game.

Therefore, here’s the progress being made on the Tower Defense game!

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