Tower Defense #3

This one is going to be short, because mostly what I did was create a game design document (GDD). As you may or may not know, I’m creating this tower defense game for the #1GAM jam that’s constantly going on. So, without further¬†adieu, here’s the GDD in its current PDF form.

GDD – Tower Defense


Tower Defense #2

I just polished the missile and the laser turret a bit tonight. I ran into a TON of issues with math and how Unity calculates things. Kids, learn your Linear Algebra and your Physics.

Eventually, I figured out the latent rotation of the missiles was caused by a rigidbody z-axis collision (WHAT).

Also, I made a base class TowerProjectile so I could focus on how the Laser moved separate from the Missile.

The green things are missiles with particle trails.

The green things are missiles with particle trails.

I’ll explain how the Laser projectile will lead the enemy after the break.

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Tower Defense #1

So, in order to fill out my portfolio, I’m working on making small game prototypes like a side-scrolling space shooter and this tower defense. I got the idea from “#1GAM: How to Succeed at Making One Game a Month”. I’ve been accelerating the process by only having a small brainstorming session to fill out the core motive of a game.

Therefore, here’s the progress being made on the Tower Defense game!

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