Source Block and Goal Tiles

I’ll be introducing two new, important tiles to the game: the source and the goal tiles. This won’t have code, but will be more about the thought process behind the two tiles.

Source Tile

Rolling ball on the source tile


This tile pulses with power and sends the signal to activatable tiles, disseminating the signal to other activatable tiles, and finally to the goal tile, if they’re all connected.

Goal Tile

Goal Tile

The goal tile will end the level when it has reached 100% power. This is achieved through connecting it to activatable tiles back to the source tile. Every pulse from one of the goal tile’s neighbors will give it a certain amount of power, while the goal tile will have power burn away at a certain rate (again, set in the editor).

So, that’s it for now. I’ll try to get some code after my self-goal to get the prototype done by Monday


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